sábado, 10 de septiembre de 2011


wasn´t very happy with the "cotton fire " on the mini , so i tried modelling one... it sure could be better but im rather happy with it

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  1. I think it definitely looks better than the cotton wool! :-)
    How did you model it?
    What did you use?

  2. Hey man! ..yeah the whool one was a bit crappy.. this one is much better...
    i used a round toothpick as a bese and then started biulding the fire with greenstuff... i my modelling tools r not very good but basically, after having the leave-shape of the flame done, i started making stripes to it so it gets the pointy details.And for a more interesting look , before he green stuff hardens i twisted the flame so it loos more three-dimensional :)

  3. Awesome: this OSL effect, I'll probably am gonna have to 'steal' that from you ;) Really cool work mate! Keep on happy painting!

  4. oh lol glad u like like it and glad u wanna steal it lol... :) to be honest i thought it was going to be harder than it was :)

  5. wow saw ur work man!!
    ur very good!!glad u liked my painting!!